Senior Co Living

Senior Co-Living…The next Big Thing in Investment Property.

Check out these FACTS!

  1. Australia’s population is ageing rapidly.
  2. The over 65 population is expected to double over the next 40 years.
  3. Fewer will own their own home.
  4. Almost half of Pensioners live in poverty/
  5. Older women are more vulnerable. Death of partner, divorce, lack of superannuation, longer life expectancy put senior women at risk.

This is a dire problem that needs to be sorted…we don’t want our senior citizens living on the streets as homeless people. There is a solution however…it’s called Senior Co-Living.

What is Senior Co-Living?

Residents (trenants) occupy a bedroom in a shared house under a standard residential tenancies lease. It is NOT a boarding house but four people sharing one tenancy lease together. The room is the residents secure private space, with an individual ensuite bathroom and wardrobe. Kitchen, living and dining areas in the home are shared spaces where residents can enjoy social time with their fellow residents.





Benefits for Tenants

  • Comfortable home with full independance.
  • Company….other tenants relieve lonliness
  • Experienced manger with years of experience in dealing with accomodation for seniors.
  • Affordable rent.
  • Private secure rooms with ensuite.
  • Furnished lounge and fully equipped kitchen.
  • 24 hr emergency call alarm.

Benefits for Owners

  • Recession proof and Covid proof. Income is indirectly government guaranteed.
  • There is a significant unmet demand for ageing-appropriate rental housing in most parts of Australia.
  • Affordable investment. Typical property can be purchased for around $560k and combined rent around $880 per week.
  • Great return for owners….Gross yield of around 8%.
  • Socially responsible investment. Make a difference…help our seniors live in dignity in an ageing-friendly environment that solves the loneliness crisis.
  • 3 year rental guarantee!!! gives peace of mind. Investors are guaranteed a minimum gross rental return of 7% (conditions apply)
  • Long term tenants.
  • Quality tenants. Senior renters are house proud and go easy on your asset. No wild parties.

To find out more give me (Peter) a call on 0407 671 559 or fill out “Tell me More” Form.