Self funding positive cashflow investment property

Self funding positive cashflow investment property

Negative gearing is a very risky strategy

Negative gearing only works as a property investment strategy when property prices are rising. In times of stagnant growth or worse still, when prices have gone backwards like in the last eight years in Queensland, negative gearing is just a guaranteed way to lose money.

At Positive Cashflow Investment Property we believe that the only safe way to invest in residential real estate is to purchase property that is positively geared and self funding and pays itself off regardless of whether the property market is rising or falling.

NSW and now many councils in SE Queensland allow the construction of secondary dwellings which means that you can now receive two lots of rent for one block of land. This will always be strongly positive cash flow as the rent received exceeds all outgoings and can be up to $200pw cash positive.

(3 br + 2br, attached)

3 bedroom, 2 bath on left… rents for $390 pw

2 bedroom, 1 bath on right rents for $290 pw

Dual income, self-funding positive cash flow properties, two hours from Sydney airport and 10 minutes from patrolled surf beach

Previously, if you wanted to buy a positive cash flow property, you were forced to go to high risk mining towns with all the risks of small market, one industry towns. Not anymore.

Our value proposition to you

At Positive Cashflow Investment Property we offer our clients what we believe are outstanding property investments. We have searched far and wide and these are the best we can find:

  • Dual income, positive cashflow packages only
  • Best rental returns in Australia for a non mining city market. Our properties are currently showing high yields and are cash flow positive to the tune of $180 pw depending on tax bracket and mortgage interest rate.
  • 15 minutes to patrolled surf beach.
  • Low vacancy rate.
  • Very experienced, reputable builders.