Self-funding positive cash flow

Dual income, safe self-funding positive cash flow properties in Brisbane and near Sydney.

When income from an investment property exceeds outgoings (interest plus expenses), the property is said to have positive cash flow or to be positively geared. Until now, positively geared properties were almost impossible to find in or near the capital cities and were mostly confined to outback mining towns where the resources boom has caused a large influx of workers into those towns that have limited accommodation.

With the recent negative sentiment about the mining boom many former high flying resource towns have taken a mighty tumble. For example I visited Moranbah in the latter half of last year to see for myself what was happening. Because of mine layoffs, houses that were getting $3000pw in the boom were struggling to attract $500pw! Not for the faint hearted!

Not any more. I now have access to positive cash flow property in the Golden Triangles of Qld and NSW. I am very excited about these properties. For someone earning around $100k, they would be $120pw cash flow positive! It doesn’t get any better than that, so close to a capital city. These properties are dual occupancy with two dwellings on the one title (not duplexes). They consist of a 4 bedroom house and an attached 2 bedroom studio apartment.  Each have lock up garages and with their own car access, water and power meters and letterboxes. The best yielding properties are priced from $480k with $610 pw rent. A massive 6.6% gross yield (the average gross yield for Sydney is 3.4%)!

What do I mean by SELF-FUNDING?

Most groups who market investment properties usually talk about building property portfolios by purchasing several negatively geared properties with interest-only loans. This usually means getting massively into debt which is eventually paid off by selling half the properties after they have doubled in value.

But… what if the expected growth doesn’t materialise? You’ve got a massive problem.

I am happy to share with you my SAFE way to property investment that doesn’t rely on property doubling in value to make it work, of course, if it does that’s great but it’s not essential. Each property is stand alone and self-funding which means that you don’t have to buy two properties to eventually own one, which of course means that your potential debt is halved. My figures have been checked by an accountant and he agrees with me that my strategy means that you can own a stand alone, self-funding investment property which will pay itself off in 15-18 years, at no cost to yourself, regardless of whether property prices are increasing or not!…. the ultimate safe property investment.

I’m not about to share with my competitors what has taken me a long time to develop, but I will share it with you.

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white on white kitchen. 4 element stove top and single sink. Vacant property.
Kitchen in 2-bedder