NDIS Properties…..Up to 14% Nett Yield. You can now borrow 80% LVR

I was pretty excited about NDIS properties previously but back then you could only borrow 65%. If that didn’t make it hard enough, being a new product, the lenders were quite shy. That’s all changed now and you can even borrow up to 80% (90% in some cases). On top of that some lenders will take 100% of the very high rental income for serviceability, so that even those on relatively modest incomes can purchase these. On top of that they are GOVERNMENT GUARANTEED as well! What’s not to like?

I can honestly say that now, with the new lending limits, these are the BEST INVESTMENT PROPERTIES I HAVE FOUND  in the 10 years i have been marketing investment properties!

Up until a few years ago young people with high needs disabilities were forced live in aged nursing homes. Can you imagine being a 25yo in a wheel chair forced to live with incontinent, senile 80 year old’s? That’s bad enough for a senior but for a young person its very depressing and demoralizing.

This problem was recognised by the Federal Government and they introduced the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), the main thrust of which was to provide suitable housing for young (under 45) people. This Special Disabilty Accomodation (SDA) provides for special housing for upto three participants and one carer.

After research we have found the most suitable SDA’s for High Needs participants was High Needs bedrooms with ensuites plus a single bedroom for a carer.

This is a typical layout….

  • Registered     Yes
  • Land Price   $239,000
  • Build Price    $441,067
  • Package Price    $680,067
  • Land size      716m2
  • Build Size     194m2

The Best Part….Exceptional returns…..13% Nett


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