Instant capital gain duplexes

Front of modern single storey beige and white patterned brick duplex. Driveways divided by paint . White garage doors.
I x 4 bed, 2 bath + 1 x 2 bed, 1 bath duplex

I have a duplex at the moment, 3 hours north of Sydney selling for $675K and the market appraisal for resale after strata titling is $800k. That’s instant equity of $125k! That’s an instant increase in value of over 18%. Of course on top of that you’ll get the normal growth which in this area is 8% per annum. On top of that its around $120pw cash positive.

Did I mention that its about 1km from a patrolled surf beach?

What’s not to like?

Why a duplex?

It stands to reason that if you buy a block of land and put two dwellings on it instead of just one it is always going to be cashflow positive because you are getting two lots of rent not just one. Not only that but a strata titling will also add at least $100k in value because what you have done is similar to subdividing. You started out with one saleable unit but you now have two saleable units thereby adding value. Keep both, sell both or just one. You have lots of options:

Lots of options:

  1. Retain both units for positive cashflow and equity.
  2. Sell both to pick up immediate capital gain.
  3. Sell one , use profit to pay down mortgage on the other…still positive cash flow but with reduced debt.
  4. Retain both, use equity to buy another….still positive cashflow.

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Invest smarter with a duplex.

This is a smarter easier way to invest in positive cash-flow property. We are able to provide you with a positive cash-flow duplex investment package because we believe that a duplex offers a much faster way to build a successful property investment portfolio. Building a duplex property gives you the opportunity of significant capital gain from the final value of two properties at the end of construction. In fact, most duplex properties are valued between $100,000 and $120,000 more than they cost at the end of construction, this is because you have added value to the land by turning a single dwelling block into a double block, the profit comes from the land not the building; the building depreciates in value over time but offers the income stream from the rent so both the land and building are very important but the location of the block and what you do with the block are crucial to a successful investment outcome.

In addition to the capital gain, all our duplex properties are positively geared which means positive cash flow from the outset, enabling you to increase your current income for further investment, thereby putting you in a better financial position.

We will take care of all aspects relating to locating and building you a high quality duplex. This includes purchasing a suitable block of land, arranging all development approvals, all-inclusive turnkey construction and issuing of your strata titles.

With a wealth of experience in the property investment and home building industries, our specialist team can work with you to properly plan your duplex project and to maximise the return from your investment. If you’re considering a property investment, take a closer look at a Duplex and you’ll see not only how easy it is to invest in a duplex property, but also how much more value a new duplex can add to your overall investment portfolio compared to a single dwelling.

We specialise in helping people find and build new duplex investment properties to maximise capital gain and cash flow. In short, we work with our clients to provide exceptional property investment solutions.

As an investment opportunity, a duplex can be a very attractive proposition, because by turning a single block of land into two properties, you can add significant value to the property, thereby maximising the return on your investment.

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