Buy a brand new $548k home and have a net mortgage of $30 per week!

How to purchase a brand new $548k owner occupied home and have $30 net mortgage repayments.

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now but it’s only with the coming of Covid 19 and the governments $25,000 home builder grant (not that my method depends on the grant) that I decided to put it into action.

Now please bear with me… I’m not being coy but I have found out to my cost that if you come up with a good idea then it’s only a matter of time before someone decides to copy you. With that in mind I can’t detail my plan here but will explain it to you over the phone or a face to face meeting. I know I can’t keep it quiet forever but I’m just trying to buy myself some time before my competitors copy me or come up with the same idea themselves, as it’s not rocket science. Like most good ideas it’s simple!

For more info call me (Peter) on 0407 671 559.

Single storey modern white and grey brick house. White double door garage. Garden to left hand side.
You can purchase this owner occupied property for $548k and have a net mortgage of $30 per week!